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The dangers of helping too much

Dear Kerry, My niece just finished 7th grade. She’s visiting us and our two children, 11 and 9. She told us about the science project in her class and said many of the kids didn’t do their own work. Instead … Continue reading

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Birthday Parties

Dear Kerry, My son went to a birthday party for his 6-year-old classmate. It was at a bowling alley and the parents set it up as a competition. I couldn’t see the point of this for this age group, although … Continue reading

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Why watch at all? Children and Media

We all know about the many research studies that have firmly established a link between television violence and children’s aggressive behavior. But parents of preschoolers are unlikely to allow their little children to be watching police shows, violent cartoons, the … Continue reading

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Parents can teach all the time

Dear Kerry, My kids’ teachers say that I should be supporting what they do at school by extending it at home. I’m not sure what they mean. Isn’t it their job to teach my kids? Sometimes I can’t answer the … Continue reading

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