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Mixed feelings about your baby

Dear Kerry, What advice or comment do you have for a first time stay-at-home Mom with a 10-month-old baby? It feels at the same time both incredibly interesting and terribly boring. Sometimes I feel very blessed to have a baby … Continue reading

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Following up on bullying

Dear Kerry, My 11-year-old son is often bullied by another boy at school. His teachers always sit them down and get them to talk through the incident. But nothing changes. The other kid continues to harass my boy and I’m … Continue reading

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Dealing with sibling rivalry

Dear Kerry, A lot of the parenting books I’ve read talk about understanding where my 2 ½ year old is coming from. The other day he pinched his baby sister hard. I was mad, but I tried to talk to … Continue reading

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First trip away

Dear Kerry, My husband has to work far away for months at a time, which is hard on our kids, who are 13 and 6. He’s given me a Mother’s Day present of a mini-vacation, to spend a couple of … Continue reading

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