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Is Ritalin the solution?

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Telling and tattling

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The dangers of helping too much

Dear Kerry, My niece just finished 7th grade. She’s visiting us and our two children, 11 and 9. She told us about the science project in her class and said many of the kids didn’t do their own work. Instead … Continue reading

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Parents can teach all the time

Dear Kerry, My kids’ teachers say that I should be supporting what they do at school by extending it at home. I’m not sure what they mean. Isn’t it their job to teach my kids? Sometimes I can’t answer the … Continue reading

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Living with your child’s chronic illness

Dear Kerry, My son has had a chronic medical condition since he was a toddler. It never used to bother him, but now that he’s starting elementary school, he’s embarrassed about it. I’m worried about his self-esteem. MT, Pennsylvania Dear … Continue reading

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Making Parent-teacher conferences useful

Dear Kerry, We have a regular conference coming up with my daughter’s 2nd grade teacher. She seems like a nice person, but I have questions about some of her methods. I don’t want to antagonize her, since I don’t want … Continue reading

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Following up on bullying

Dear Kerry, My 11-year-old son is often bullied by another boy at school. His teachers always sit them down and get them to talk through the incident. But nothing changes. The other kid continues to harass my boy and I’m … Continue reading

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